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Old Blush, Climbing Roses Old Blush, Climbing

A sport of Old Blush found about 1752. This variety does not bloom as frequently as Old Blush. mainly showing a Spring flush and repeating in the Fall. Flowers deepen with age.

ClassChina, Climbing
ColorMedium Pink
RebloomSpring, Fall Repeat

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Peggy Martin roses Peggy Martin

We will have more of these available the first week of August, then another much larger group in September. Click on the photo and it will take you to a page where you can enter your email address to be notified when they are added to stock. A found rose, this variety is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. It has a major flush in the spring and a smaller secondary flush in the fall. A quick growing plant, easily trained.

RebloomSpring and Fall

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Salet roses Salet

Salet was introduced in 1854 and is from France. She has a mild sweet fragrance. Repeat varies with the area. Some get a good Spring and Fall bloom with occasional repeat in between. At the start of the present century this plant won Dowager Queen at more than a dozen rose shows.

ColorMedium Pink

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