We have finally gotten some much needed rain after a prolonged dry spell. Our plants that we have in the ground have responded well to this. We mulch quite heavily, generally 4-6". This helps to retain moisture and supply much needed organic material to the sand in this part of Florida. Mother nature dose a wonderful job of breaking this down, usually less than an inch is left after a year has passed.

My wife, Jan and I sorted some more plants today. We have added Old Blush, Climbing to our site. This is a rapid grower, it does not bloom as frequently as the parent plant that it is a sport of, the parent being Old Blush. You have to respect the longevity of both plants having existed for over 250 years.

Restocked plants
New Introductions
DinkyOld Blush, Climbing
Iridescent Pink

Lemon Spice

Louis Philippe

Madame Antoine Mari

Madame Berkeley

Mister Lincoln

Nancy Lee

New Dawn

Papa Hemeray

Princess de Sagan

Rhode Island Red

Rhodologue Jules Gravereaux

Setzer Noisette


William R. Smith

Thank you for your continued and generous support,
Don and Jan Rogers