Peggy Martin Rose;

One of the unknowns when propagating roses is how many to make of a particular variety. When good quality cuttings are available I tend to over produce on some varieties. This is the case with the variety which has come to be know as "Peggy Martin". For you that do not know the history of this rose it is also known as the rose that survived Hurricane Katrina. This rose grew in the yard of Peggy Martin. During Hurricane Katrina her yard was submerged in salt water. When Peggy returned some weeks later this rose was peaking through the debris left by the storm. It was a survivor and has won the hearts of those that grow it for the ease with which it can be trained because of the very flexible nature of its growth. It can be grown as a climber, trained as a pillar, or guided along a fence line. For people who have resisted growing a climber I would recommend this as a very rewarding selection to start your journey with. It has a very generous display of red flowers in the Spring and a lesser flush in the Fall. Here in Florida it likes to sneak in some summer blooms just to say "don't forget about me."

My zealous nature has me in trouble with to many of these plants for the amount of space they take up. I have marked the price down by 25% to $14.25. As a little bonus any other varieties we have in stock and purchased with a Peggy Martin rose I will discount and refund 25% of the plant price prior to shipping. There is no limit as to the number of plants I will give this discount to when purchased with at least one Peggy Martin rose. We are not able to hold any of these plants for delayed shipping. This pricing will last until Friday November 6th.

World Federation of Roses;

With many people spending time in isolation of one form or another I always find interesting articles on the above website. It offers a global perspective for you to appreciate and learn about the rose world from people around the world. At a time when we all welcome some diversion keep this in mind.

In Closing;

Thank you to all of you who have given my wife Jan and I a busy year. Our last shipping day for the year will be November 9th. Orders placed after that will be shipped January 11th.
Don and Jan Rogers
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