A Few Things Happening At Our Nursery:

We have had a colder than normal winter here in Central Florida. That has impacted the rooting of new cuttings to produce plants for sale. This release will place some of popular varieties back in inventory. We anticipate another release the end of April as our rooted plants gain size. New cuttings are being taken and placed under mist in our greenhouse each week. With the warmer weather we hope to be back on a more predictable cycle of releasing plants by the late spring/early summer. Sometime in the fall of this year we hope to have significantly increased our greenhouse capacity. This will free up much more space for propagation.

Our collection of roses has increased far beyond what we show on our website. In particular we are fortunate to have received some 120 varieties of the massive Anne Belovich collection. The Anne Belovich collection is one of the largest collections of ramblers ( if not the largest ) in the world. The varieties we have represent a portion of that collection. Initially we will probably offer these varieties through custom propagation due to the large space requirements. This will place them in commerce for future generations to enjoy. I will offer more detail later in the year as to how I will propose to go about that.

Restocked Roses New Varieties
Chrysler Imperial America
Duke of Edinburg Beaute Inconstante
Floral City Ann Elina
Golden Showers
Louise Este
Louis Philippe
Madame Joseph Schwartz
Marie de Orleans
Mrs. Herbert Stevens, CL
Paul Neyron
Pinkie, CL
Peggy Martin
Setzer Noisette
Sky Rocket
Souv. de Louis Amade
Triple Delight