The Sale:
We are having a sale on all roses. This sale is a discount of 25% off all plants for shipment this fall. The sale will run until midnight on November 3rd. For the first time our software will figure the discounted price for you in the shopping cart. This sale will give us some much needed room to free up propagation space on our benches. Because we ship to all 50 states we are required to maintain all inventory a minimum of 18" off the floors. This restricts our ability to add inventory and will be re-leaved greatly with the completion of our next greenhouse. We appreciate your patience while we work our way through this expansion.

I understand that some have found what I found for many years, that is that some books just don't fit into an existing budget. For a book such as that by Gwen Fagan, "Roses At The Cape of Good Hope". I would suggest while your quest for a copy that fits the budget continues, you explore the use of your inter-library loan program, to borrow a copy. Where Gwen's efforts are so nicely documented in photos of various rose varieties you may want to visit the work of the great botanical illustrator Pierre-Joseph Redoute. Redoute was born in Belgium in 1759 and died in Paris in 1840. He completed a body of work of 169 rose illustrations titled "Les Roses". This work has been published by various publishers under the title "Redoute's Roses". The copy I have was published in London by "Wellfleet" it measures about 10 1/2" by 14 1/4" I mention the size as there have been multiple publications of his work by a number of publishers, some may or may not be larger or smaller. I have seen recent prices under $20.00 for this same book.

Restocked Roses:
The following is a list of restocked varieties.
Bermuda's Anna Olivier

Iridescent Pink
Bermuda's Yellow Mutabilis

Licorice Tea
Brightside Cream

Mister Lincoln
Champney's Pink Cluster

Clotilde Soupert

Rhode Island Red
Frederick Mistral

Rosette Delizy
Hawkeye Belle