With a more traditional summer weather pattern here in Central Florida, of afternoon rains, it has been a good summer for roses. We have added 7 new varieties to our website www.areverenceforroses.com Below are a list of the varieties added. They all have their own unique attributes that make them worth considering for your collection. Sui Mei Ren shows how advanced rose breeding was in China with research showing this variety going back many centuries to the Ming Dynasty. It is a variety that rivals many more recent varieties. More information can be found on our site or at http://www.helpmefind.com

New Varieties
Bermuda Yellow Mutabilis
Green Ice
Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria
Le Grande Capitain
Licorice Tea
Sui Mei Ren

We have restocked the following varieties. For those of you who keep missing out on the rose Lemon Spice extra effort was made to produce more of them, along with Peggy Martin.

Restocked Varieties
Alliance Franco Russe
Baby Faurax
Barbara's Pasture Rose
Baronne Henriette de Snoy
Bermuda's Anna Olivier
Champney's Pink Cluster
Duke of Edinburg
Gloire de Dijon
Jean Bach Sisley
Lemon Spice
Lijiang Rose
Louis Philippe
Maitland White
Mister Lincoln
Papa Hemeray
Paul Neyron
Peggy martin
Rhode Island Red
Rosette Delizy
Souvenir de St. Anne's
Souvenir de Francois Gaulain
Triple Delight
William R. Smith

Thank you for supporting our efforts at keeping these and other varieties in commerce for future generations to enjoy.
Don and Jan Rogers