Planting Season;
The start of another planting season brings new excitement with anticipation of what is to come from another year and a new beginning for our past efforts. As this year starts it is good to reflect on past accomplishments and disappointments. One of the most basic requirements for healthy plants is a pH range that is acceptable for that plant. I was surprised recently to learn of wide pH ranges being found in a variety of bagged mixes here in Florida. These included some of the well known brands. I wanted to let you know of this because roses have certain requirements, the first one that comes to mind after water is soil pH. If you have been unsuccessful with some of your plants perhaps it is the time to submit a soil sample to your local Co-operative Extension office for pH testing. Some offices do this on site, others have to be sent out to state or university labs. I strongly encourage the commitment of a minimal expense to know what you are dealing with, for a few extra dollars you can also learn the nutritional levels of your soil and how to adjust them if necessary. The cost will be less than the price of a rose plant and will place you on the road to successfully grow our National Floral Emblem.

New Releases:
The following varieties have been added to our website. In addition to the brief introduction for each on our website I encourage you to consult the information at
Bassoues Tea
E. Veyrat Hermanos
Mlle Cecile Brunner, CL
Rock Hill Peach
Souv de la Malmaison
Restocked Roses;
The following varieties have had additional stock placed on line. More will be added in coming weeks as we sort through the plants we have started.
Alice Hamilton
Alliance Franco Russe
Anna de Deisbach
Archduke Charles
Barfield White Climber
Baronne Henriette de Snoy
Baronne Prevost
Bermuda's Kathleen
Bon Silene
Bride's Dream
Brightside Cream
Georgetown Tea
Gloire de Dijon
Golden Showers
Granny Grimmetts
Hawkeye Belle
Iridescent Pink
La Sylphide
Le Grand Capitaine
Louise Estes
Marchioness of Lorne
Miss Agnes C. Sherman
New Dawn
Rhode Island Red
Roman Holiday
Rose du Roi
Triple Delight
William R. Smith

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