We have been fortunate to have a wet Spring here, normally it is a dry time of year in Central Florida. Our mother plants that are in the ground have responded well to this. We have used this rainy time to go through our inventory and decided to place some varieties on sale that we have over stocked on. The plants that are on sale will free up some much needed greenhouse space. We are on track to put up more greenhouse space with many of the components having been delivered, until that is completed perhaps you may find several plants to add to your landscape.


DATES:June 15th- June 24th at Midnight
PRICING: 2 plants for $25.00, or 4 plants for $45.00, The 15 varieties are shown below. You may mix the sale varieties. Price will be adjusted manually after the order is placed and your account will be credited back the difference.
SHIPPING: Normal shipping rates will apply.

Captain Thomas
Chrysler Imperial
Dogwood Dupuy Jamain
Floral City Ann
Madame Joseph Schwartz
Old Blush
Old Blush Climbing
Ornement des Bosquets
Papa Hemeray
Skyrocket St. Thomas

NEW ADDITIONS: We have added 3 varieties to our site, they are Barfield White Climber, Borderer, and Ferndale Red China.

Barfield White Climber is as thorn free a variety as I have seen. It is disease free here in Central Florida. The growth habit is very interesting in that it has been self supporting against the arbor without having to be tied. This will probably change with size but has made the first several years of growth very low maintenance. It blooms in flushes and has a strong fragrance.

Borderer is another very healthy variety for us. It is continuous blooming with abundant numbers of flowers. It grows 12-18 inches in height and increases in width each year, yet easily maintained. It would make a good candidate for a low hedge.

Ferndale Red China is a found variety from the hillside cemetery in Ferndale, CA. It blooms in flushes. If you have the time a Google search of the town will reward you with some interesting photos and history.

Belinda, Bermuda's Anna Olivier, Chrysler Imperial, Duke of Edinburgh,Hawkeye Bell, Iceberg, Louise Este, Louise Philippe, Miss Grace, Ornament des Bousques, Paul Neyron, Souvenir de Francois Gaulain, Souv. d' St. Ann