New Introductions;

We have added 2 varieties that are available exclusively from us. Those are Alicia and St. Thomas China. I apologize for the lack of photos for these as it is one of the first times we received cuttings from another garden directly without having the ability to take photos of the mother plants in our own garden. We have allowed Alicia to bloom and it shows upright growth with blooms as shown on our website. Blooms of St Thomas will be added as we can get them. Ornement des Bosquets is the last new introduction at this time, it is available from several other American nurseries. For more information on all of these go to

Sale Plants;

We have come to realize a major weakness in supplying roses. Once plants are rooted and start putting on size they require significantly more bench space than they do as rooted cuttings. Because of this we have not been able to start more plants as quickly as we hope to do, we are simply out of space. This is the reason for this sale, we need to make room to start new plants. Most varieties have been marked down, with prices ranging from $7.00 to $12.00. We hope that this is incentive enough to open up the space we need. Our intent next year is to add much more greenhouse space. The additional space will be used to hold plants large enough for sale and should allow a significant increase in inventory. I have provided a chart of the varieties marked down in price and their sale price, I hope this makes your selections easier. Thank you for your continued support. Any help in getting this out to various forums and social media is greatly appreciated !
Don and Jan Rogers

$7.00 Plants


Cramoisi Superieur

Nancy Lee

Red Dorothy Perkins


White Pearl in Red Dragon's Mouth


$8.00 PLANTS

Ballerina Gipsy Boy Narrow Water
Roman Holiday
Bermuda's Kathleen
La Marne
New Dawn
Rosarium Uetersen
Captain Thomas
Lamarque Old Blush, CL
Champneys' Pink Cluster
Mevrouw Nathalie Nypels
Papa Gontier
Setzer Noisette
Daybreak Mme. Antoine Rebe
Papa Hemeray
Sombreuil, LFC
Emmie Gray
Mme. Caroline Testout, CL
Pink Pet
General Jacqueminot
Morgan Spring
Princesse de Sagan


$9.00 PLANTS

Baby Faurax
Dortmund Parks' Yellow Tea Scented China
Belinda Ducher Penelope Spice
Belinda's Dream
Gartendirektor Otto Linne
Perfume Delight
St. David's
Bon Silene
Golden Showers
Pinkie, Climbing
Summer Wind
Brightside Cream
Lafter Prosperity Swany
Camelia Rose
Madame Berkeley
Red Smith's Parish
Carefree Beauty
Mister Lincoln
Rubens Vineyard Song
Carefree Wonder
Mme. Lombard
Sally Holmes
William R. Smith
Comtesse du Cayla
Napoleon Samantha
Crepuscule Old Blush
Sea Foam

Dinky Old Gay Hill Red China
Seven Sisters


$12.00 PLANTS


Iridescent Pink

Mrs. Herbert Stevens, CL

Paul Neyron


Souv. de Louis Amade