World Federation OF Rose Societies:

Here in the US we are somewhat isolated from the rest of the rose world. We have various national societies, we are however just one country in a world that sees roses grown in all hemispheres. The World Federation of Rose Societies is an organization that saw its first President elected in 1968. It is an organization that has a global vision of the rose world. When I first learned of it I saw a very valuable organization bringing news and information by their website, .

My reason for bringing this to you now is two fold. The first is an article titled "Discovering the Fragrances of the Rose" written by Pierre Nuyens and Jean-Jacques Claustriaux. The article can be found here It is located on the right side if you scroll down to "Latest Edition" and open the March 2019 newsletter. The article is on page 13. At a time when I see rose trials dominated by new varieties that offer no more scent than a paper bag, it is the appreciation of scent that binds our memories to some of the varieties that we were exposed to growing up. I would have never remembered the Peace rose from my childhood if not for the wonderful scent. Could it be that having that memory was part of the catalyst to begin collecting hundreds of rose varieties and making them available to those that also have favorite memories and want to recapture a part of it ? It certainly plays a major part as I never wanted to collect paper bags.

The nuances of scent are one of the joys of roses. The scents vary by so many factors. Several years ago my wife and I had the pleasure of having a "nose" visit us. As she went through and smelled various rose varieties we were in awe of the individual components she could pick out of any one variety. My wife and I differ in the smells that we detect. Having been exposed to an individual with this keen ability allowed us to grow our own abilities. It is for this reason when I describe scent in the attribute section of our website that I may differ from what others detect as it is very subjective. Lemon Spice and Rhode Island Red are just two of the varieties that we have offering a wonderful scent. More are listed under the "Attributes" section at the top of our home page.

The second reason that I wanted to share the website of this organization with you is to make you aware of the many valuable videos and newsletters that are available on the site. This is like a YouTube for rose lovers. A more global view is a valuable resource to have. The World Federation of Rose Societies provides that view.

New Introductions:

Below is a list of some of the varieties we have added for the first time. Many are of limited numbers but will be restocked as we have propagation space available.

Key West Rock Rose
International Herald Tribune
Summer Honey
Ivor's Rose
Talisman, CL
Madame Achille Fould
Rose Edouard
Yellow Mutabilis

My wife and I wish to thank you for your continued support as we work to grow this nursery to a size that fills a greater portion of the demand for our National Floral Emblem.
Don and Jan Rogers