Anne Belovich Collection:

On a world wide basis there are individuals who have made it a part of their lives to save historical roses for the present and future generations. Anne Belovich is one of those people. Anne started her collection after retirement and moving to the state of Washington. Her collection includes more than 300 varieties, a number of which we are fortunate to have. Many varieties were imported from Europe, where even there they were largely forgotten and difficult to find. It is years of persistence that liberated these roses from being forgotten and returned them to an individual who shows great appreciation.

With our limited greenhouse space at present we have been hesitant to propagate these varieties as they are large fast growing plants and thus require more space than most. With our second greenhouse now framed it is time to judge the interest in offering these varieties, many of which are not in commerce. We do have Printemps Fleuri in our inventory to judge the market for these. Printemps is a French introduction from 1922. Anne's collection is made up of many spring blooming ramblers, as is this. She classes it as a hybrid multiflora in her book "Ramblers and Other Rose Species Hybrids". The Helpmefind website offers photos of this mauve flower in bloom and growing in clusters. Expect a growth of 8-10 feet. As a once bloomer she will offer a stunning display, something to remember and enjoy a number of weeks each year.

If you would like to know more about Anne and her work in addition to the above mentioned book she has also written "Large-Flowered Climbing Roses" and "Gallica Roses". She also has written "A Voyage of Determination" offering greater understanding of this interesting individual.

Roses On Sale:

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Alice Hamilton
Anna de Deisbach
Fragrant Plum
Narrow Water

Out of Stock Roses:

One part that frustrates customers and ourselves is being out of stock. There is a hidden feature on our site that allows you to get an email reminder when we add new inventory to out of stock varieties. If you left click on the photo of an out of stock plant a second window opens. To the right side of that new window is a place to left click on "Email me when Back In Stock". Clicking on that takes you to a place where you can input your email address and you will be notified when there is stock available. My apologies for this convoluted method, but we are to small for our own IT department.

We do find that even when rather large numbers of plants are placed in inventory, they can sometimes sell within minutes. If a large number of customers want that rose or if someone needs a large number of one variety for their garden project they can sell very fast. We do try and monitor the number of individuals that are interested in a plant so we can adjust the number we try to start. Some varieties have a 100% success rate when rooting and others vary greatly in starting new roots.

In Conclusion:

My wife and I wish to thank each of you for a most successful year to date. Remember your roses are like teenagers, frequently hungry and their health is dependent on the food they receive.

Don and Jan Rogers
Investing in the Present to preserve the Past for the Future